Government Services

Schedule and manage all
service types

Schedule and manage onsite interpreters, video remote interpreters, over the phone interpreters, document translation, all matters of accounting, security compliance, and much more. All within a customizable software designed to best meet your agency’s needs.
A Trusted Partner

Utilized by agencies and schools
across the U.S.

We provide our services and technology to all branches of state and local government, school, hospitals and agencies. Impacting communities through language and proper communication. Ensure equal access to all within your community regardless of spoken language.
Ensure security and compliance

Offer a fully compliant service to
all customers and agencies

State and local government agencies are mandated to provide language access and services to all. Stop worrying about compliance, leave it to us. Total Language ensures our partners are in compliance with all HIPAA, GDPR, ADA and government regulations.

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