Innovative tech to schedule
professional legal interpreters

After conducting thorough research with professionals in the legal system, we found the biggest challenges faced were issues with scheduling an interpreter to be at court at the right time, and a shortage of well-trained or certified legal interpreters. The inconsistent need for court interpreters and difficulties with scheduling a qualified interpreter are where our scheduling software excels.
Communication tools

Provide your team with
the tools they need

Whether you’re connecting with an interpreter through OPI, VRI or Scheduled On-site appointments, we provide the communication tools necessary to limit cancelations often associated with a lack of communications between providers, interpreters and customers.
Accuracy and accountability

Designed to comply with
various regulations

Providing highly-qualified and certified interpreters to your legal and judicial customers is crucial. Our advanced software solutions ensure that the assigned interpreter meets all qualifications required to comply with all state and local laws and regulations. Eliminate communication barriers by providing a reliable and highly qualified solution for your customers.
Streamline interpreter resources

Consolidate your scheduling and
billing processes on one platform

Keep it all in one place, filter your interpreter search by specialty type. Only search your database for qualified legal interpreters within driving distance of the appointment. Store internal notes to keep track of contacted interpreters, generate detailed reports and track cancellations easily. We work with numerous courts and legal institutions who put their trust in our platform to manage and schedule their interpretation needs. Put your trust in the top platform for managing language services available today.

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